by Brett Bode

Now in version 7.5 for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows!

Bode, B. M. and Gordon, M. S. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 16, 1998, 133-138.

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MacMolPlt is:

Below are a few samples created directly with MacMolPlt:
Simple Molecule Display with labels and displaying the bond angle:

Water with the C2v operators.

Quinone with a total electron density surface colorized with the molecular electrostatic potential value.


MacOS X:
MacMolPlt 7.5 for MacOS X 10.4 and later on PowerPC or Intel processors (Universal binary)
MacMolPlt 7.5 for MacOS X 10.7 and later supporting quad-buffered OpenGL
The only functional difference between these two binaries is that the latter supports hardware stereo display. Due to a few remaining glitches in wx 2.9 most users should stick with the first binary.

Here is a source distribution primarily targeted at Linux: wxmacmolplt 7.5
For further information on building and prebuilt binaries please refer to the Linux support page.

  • Most users should use this Windows installer (.msi) package MacMolPlt 7.5 for Windows
    You should be able to download it and double click it to install MacMolPlt.
  • If you can not run an installer on your system here is a plain zip archive. If the wxMacMolPlt.exe file fails to launch with a message saying the configuration is invalid you need to install the VS8 runtime libraries. Just run the file linked here.
  • The Windows build should support quad-buffered OpenGL.

These files contain the current version of MacMolPlt and the manual (in html format).

Check here for a list of known issues.

Click to subscribe to an email announcement list for new versions of MacMolPlt. Note this list is moderated and will only be used for announcing new releases.

Have a question, comment or bug report? Just include it in the comment section of the survey form. Make sure to include your email address if you want a reply.

If you need a version of MacMolPlt for MacOS 9 or MacOS X 10.2 and earlier you can grab the original MacMolPlt.


MacMolPlt is free, but if you use it I request that you send me a note telling me what you like and what you don't like (What's not to like ;-).

If you use MacMolPlt for published work an appropriate reference is:

Bode, B. M. and Gordon, M. S. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 16, 1998, 133-138.

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