QuickDraw 3D support in MacMolPlt

Note this page is mostly for historical purposes as Apple has abandoned QuickDraw3D in favor of OpenGL. Thus QuickDraw3D is only available on MacOS9 systems.

MacMolPlt version 2.2 (and higher) supports the QuickDraw 3D technology available from Apple. QD3D provides a cross application and (eventually) cross-platform interface for state of the art 3D graphics of the sort that you normally think of mid to high end SGI (or other makes) workstations. It does this completely in software on any powerMacintosh or with harware acceleration if an accelerated graphics card is present. Note: Version 4.0 of MacMolPlt requires version 1.5 or later of QuickDraw 3D!

If you would like to try out the QuickDraw 3D support just download the current version of MacMolPlt, download and install the QuickDraw 3D library which is now part of QuickTime . Then just start up MacMolPlt as usual. To activate (or deactivate) QD3D just choose the Use QuickDraw 3D menu item from the Display menu. While QuickDraw 3D is active you may rotate and scale the molecule as usual. Then to turn off QuickDraw 3D just choose the Use QuickDraw 3D item again. Note that while QD3D is active the library will use a large amount of memory in the System memory partition (actually temporary memory).

Finally here is a short list of plus's and minus's of using QD3D:


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