Monitor Software


Fountain is a node and network monitor for clusters and Infiniband networks. It is designed to work with the Scalable Systems Software components developed under SciDAC.

More information is avalabile on Fountain's wiki page.



Goanna is a graphical status viewer for clusters. It currently displays node and network status data from Fountain. One of its key features is its ability to visualize Infiniband network topologies.

Goanna is a work in progress; version 0.4 builds on the framework established in 0.3 to provide error displays and a richer topography model. Feedback is requested as to what would be useful in terms of data displays, visualizations, etc.

Goanna should run on any platform supporting GTK+, GtkGLExt, and a few other libraries. For more details, see GoannaPlatforms in the wiki.

For a taste of Goanna (including screenshots), read its manual.




Binaries of Goanna and libbamboo are available in the Goanna package repository. Binaries have been produced for the following systems:


Both Fountain and Goanna require libbamboo, a library for communicating between SSS components. Its dependencies are documented in the Goanna build instructions.