Performance-Monitoring Counters Library, for Intel/AMD Processors and Linux
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Authors, Acknowledgments

Rabbit is a complete rewrite by Don Heller of the program mperfmon (now pperf) by Patrick Goda and Michael Warren. Its development was supported by the U.S. Dept. of Energy at Ames Laboratory (Heller) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (Goda and Warren). mperfmon was modeled on the GNU /bin/time command, and used the /dev/msr package by Stephan Meyer.

mperfmon/pperf was developed for the Los Alamos Pentium Pro cluster called Loki, and rabbit for the Ames Laboratory Pentium Pro cluster called Alice.

Alice, you may recall, was scalable, and the rabbit was always looking at his watch.

John Updike's novels had nothing to do with it, although I do like his progression:

Rabbit, Run (1960)
Rabbit Redux (1971)
Rabbit is Rich (1981)
Rabbit at Rest (1990)
This also has nothing to do with rabbit tests, Brer Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, the Velveteen Rabbit, or Bunnicula.  But the program does have an easter egg.

There is a nice report The Rabbit Menace in New South Wales, published in 1928.

Version numbers starting with 2.00 will follow the Fibonacci sequence, which was discovered in 1202 by Leonardo of Pisa while studying how fast rabbits could breed under ideal conditions (such as lots of food and no predators).

For bug reports and suggestions, contact  My real address is if you need prompt attention.

See the README file.
Copyright Notices
mperfmon/pperf: Copyright 1997, M. Patrick Goda and Michael S. Warren.
rabbit: Copyright 1998-2001, Don E. Heller.

Performance-Monitoring Counters Library, for Intel/AMD Processors and Linux
Author: Don Heller,
Last revised: 5 October 2001