GAMESS CCA Components Manual 1.0

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1 Package Dependence

The gamess-component package dependes on the following packages:

  1. cca-tools $VERSION >= 0.6.1, with Fortran 90 enabled
  2. babel $VERSION >= 1.0.0, with Fortran 90 enabled
  3. cca-chem-generic2
  4. TAU performance tools (optional)
Besides GAMESS, NWChem and MPQC have also implemented CCA components based on the chemistry interfaces provided in the cca-chem-generic2 package. The three chemistry packages are expected to integrate through the standard CCA interfaces. The performance tools provided by TAU is used to conduct performance evaluations for both components and the chemistry packages (Currently, only the GAMESS program uses TAU).

The following picture shows the dependence of the packages.