SCL Cluster Cookbook
Building Your Own Clusters for Parallel Computation

Where to Start Introduction to Clusters
Recipe for a Small Cluster How to Build a Four-Node Cluster

Commodity Computers Selecting your components: Motherboards, Memory and Cache, and Assembly
Complete Systems - An alternative to building your own systems

HINT Benchmarks of Commodity Systems
Running HINT

Interconnect Myrinet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, HIPPI
Performance of Commodity Interconnects
Running NetPIPE

Operating Systems Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows NT, Windows95

Libraries for Parallel Applications MPICH, PVM, DIPC, ScaLAPACK
Compilers and Related Tools Absoft, GNU, Paralogic, The Portland Group

Putting It Together Assembling the Cluster

Applications Example applications and programming assistance

Cluster Projects Other Projects
Bibliography Publications Related to Cluster Computing
Glossary Supercomputing Terminology

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