Examples of Cluster Computers


ALICE is the Ames Lab - ISU Computing Environment, a cluster of 64 dual-processor Pentium Pros running at 200 MHz. All PCs are connected through a central Fast Ethernet switch, providing a flat network topology. In addition, there is a master node, a file server, and 4 development nodes.

The PBS schedular controls all jobs. We use the Portland Group compilers, which produce code that is up to 50% faster than g77. The main memory bus really is not fast enough to support the second processor, so little performance is gained from using it.

IBM Cluster

The IBM cluster currently consists of 22 dual-processor IBM RS/6000 43P-260 workstations and 2 quad-processor 44P-270 workstations for a total of 52 processors.

22 IBM RS/6000 43P model 260 with:

In addition:

2 IBM 44P-270 workstations are configured as follows:

The 24 workstations are connected by a Fast Ethernet switch for accessing the fileserver, while communications during a run are over Gigabit Ethernet connected to an Extreme Networks BlackDiamond 6808 Gigabit Ethernet switch. The switch is currently configured with 32 ports, upgradable to 64 ports. This provides a flat network for cluster communications fully supporting Jumbo Frames.

G4 Cluster

The G4 cluster is made of 16 single processor G4 computers each with 512 MB RAM and 16 dual processor G4s with 1 GB RAM. Each G4 is running Black Lab Linux and is connected via Fast Ethernet for management and Myrinet for communications.

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