SPARSKIT-CCA: A suite of sparse matrix computations as components of Common Component Architecture

SPARSKIT, developed in the 90s by Yousef Saad at the University of Minnesota, is a basic toolkit for sequential sparse matrix computations and is widely used in scientific community. Written in Fortran 77 and having a cumbersome interface, it is considered, a legacy code. Our objective is to enable its wider usage in modern applications and to facilitate further development of SPARSKIT. By applying an object-oriented style of design, we have created a package that can be accessed by many different object-oriented programming languages. There is also the possibility of writing extensions in these languages. The interoperability problem has been addressed using Babel tool from LLNL, which enables the specification of SPARSKIT interfaces in an Interface Definition Language called SIDL. The component interfaces (called Ports) are defined according to Common Component Architecture (CCA) specification.


The work is supported by the Department of Energy.

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